Scarsdale Jeweler Donates Custom Jewelry To Westchester JDRF

D'Errico Jewelry Co-Founder and Owner Richie D'Errico, inspired by son's battle, puts creative talents to work to help find a cure for juvenile diabetes

Scarsdale Jeweler Richie D'Errico just gave a treasure trove of jewelry to the Westchester Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. But the pieces he's gifted are more than gems, metal and fundraising tools. They're symbols of his son, Nicholas' battle against Type 1 diabetes.

In his latest donation, Richie D'Errico gave a dozen necklaces to the JDRF. "This is just a start," he said. "We look forward to helping the JDRF raise funds, educate people, and inspire them all at the same time."

D'Errico's staff and customers have eagerly jumped aboard the store's campaign, and D'Errico Jewelry itself has raised more than $30,000 for the Westchester JDRF.

A master diamond setter with more than 30 years of experience, D'Errico is co-founder and owner of one of Central Avenue's most unique landmarks–the Log Cabin jewelry store in Scarsdale. D'Errico is a true jeweler–someone who designs, creates and sells jewelry.

As someone who understands the thousands of years of tradition behind his profession, D'Errico wanted to create a piece of jewelry that wasn't just beautiful, but which inspired and informed as well. His research led him to state-of-the-art images of the insulin molecule, which plays a key role in the disease of diabetes.

A web of proteins anchored by a zinc molecule at its center, the insulin molecule actually has a fascinating and appealing shape. Richie first created a prototype, and, like a great jazz musician, has since done four "riffs" on nature's handy work.

These versions range from a prototype that is being raffled off by the JDRF to a gem-studded 14 karat gold version. In his latest creative work, Richie has created a simplified version of the pendant which allows wearers to both look great and explain diabetes to the people around them.

Unlike almost any stores in the region, all of the custom design and production work for the JDRF Pendants and Brooches was done in-house. D'Errico Jewelry is, in essence, a jewelry factory that does everything from basic design to while-you-watch repair work.

Since D'Errico is a family owned store, it's no surprise that working with JDRF itself is a family affair. Richie's wife, Jennifer, is a very active volunteer.

Anyone who wants to purchase a JDRF pendant can stop by at the 509 Central Avenue store.

Images of different versions of the Insulin Pendant can be found here. A video of the pendant's creation can be viewed here.

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