Scarsdale's Imagine Candy Gears Up for Valentine's Day

The next few weeks will be busy ones for Scarsdale's upscale candy and artisan chocolate shop Imagine Candy, as co-owners Donna Halperin and Bill Vogel prepare for Valentine's Day.

The Harwood Court store sells delicious chocolates and sweets from around the world, and in recent months has increased its inventory from Westchester and New York candy and chocolate companies as an growing number of exceptional manufacturers enters the marketplace.

"More people are coming in saying 'I'm allergic to this or that,' so we've become very conscious of that," said Vogel. "So we've increased our supply of delicious products that take into account the various major allergens. They are proving to be very popular and will continue to be this Valentine's Day."

An example is Larchmont's Noema chocolates, which are gluten and nut free, among other allergens. The company's name stands for "none of the eight major allergens."

Other examples of area companies whose treats Imagine Candy stocks include three Brooklyn-based companies, Raaka, Morris Kitchen and Brooklyn Hard Candy.

"What separates us is we're constantly curating, tasting and discovering wonderful new products," said Halperin. "It's what makes our job fun and we love passing that along to our customers."


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