The History and Traditions of Passover [VIDEO]

Passover starts at sundown and is celebrated for eight days


Passover beings Monday evening and continues for eight days. It’s the story of the Jewish people leaving Egypt, where they were enslaved.

Rabbi Brian Beal, of Temple Beth Torah in Upper Nyack, said his temple is one of four reform temples in Rockland that have started a recent tradition where they all meet for a Passover service. The others are Temple Beth El in Spring Valley, Temple Beth Sholom in New City and Beth Am Temple in Pearl River. The service this year is Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at Beth Am Temple.

“It’s about coming together as a community,” Rabbi Beal said.

Some traditions of the holiday include not eating leavened bread and conducting a Passover seder. Many families with young children hide broken up matzah, called the "afikomen," which the children then try to find.

The Passover seder plate is made up of a "maror" (bitter herbs), "charoset" (fruit and nut paste), "beitzah" (a roasted egg), "karpas" (a bitter vegetable), "zeroah" (roasted shankbone, usually of lamb or chicken) along with four glasses of wine. Matzah is also eaten during the seder.


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