Art & Science Sundays on the Science Barge

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 99 Dock St Yonkers NY 10701  See map

Every Sunday, from July through October, the Science Barge on Yonkers' waterfront invites children ages 4-10 for hands-on Art & Science workshops. Children and adults can cross the gangplank and come aboard the Barge to learn about everything from growing hydroponic plants to
making kaleidoscopes to the dynamics of juggling. And, back by popular demand are Blue Crab Blitz days. Learn all about the crabs that you catch with Science Barge Director Bob Walters. So get your sea legs ready and come aboard on Sundays from 2-4 pm.7/8  Solar Cooking Photovoltaic Panels Join Micha Marcano, our guest host, as he shows us how to make solar ovens. We’re hoping for sunny weather so our solar Sores melt smoothly. Solar ovens have been helpful in improving quality of life around the world. Solar cooking helps prevent deforestation because people no longer need to chop wood for fires. Solar cookers can also solve health problems because it requires less effort for people to boil water for sanitation. Understand how the Solar Arrays work to collect the sun’s energy on the Science Barge.

7/15  Anatomy of Plants & Hydroponic Farming
Take an extended tour of the Science Barge Urban Farm. Study plant parts, especially the parts we eat. Make a freestanding plant sculpture. Using soil substrates, take a plant home from the greenhouse.

7/22  Jacob Kim & the Dynamics of Juggling
Jacob Kim will be a special guest on the Science Barge to show everyone how to juggle. Jacob will share his learning method with us.

7/29  Blue Crab Blitz
The Blue Crab Blitz Series will be guest hosted by Science Barge Director Bob Walkers. Bob is a native of the Hudson River and a founder of the Beczak Environmental Education Center. Catch crabs on the Science Barge, measure the catch, record our findings, and release the crabs back into the river.

8/5  Hunting for Oxygen
From plants to people to water, we need oxygen. Oxygen is a byproduct of photosynthesis and is part of the changing of the primordial atmosphere. There was little oxygen in the atmosphere 2.5 billion years ago, prior to the evolution of cyanobacteria. Join us and learn more about this fascinating molecule and its irreplaceable relationship with water.

8/12  Blue Crab Blitz
While catching blue claw crabs and recording data, learn how to tell a male from a female crab, a Jimmy from a Sally. What is a Sook crab, or a Sponge crab? What kind of food do crabs like to eat? How long to crabs live? What salinity do crabs prefer?

8/19  Magnetic Fields
You cannot see magnetism, but you can feel its effects. It is an invisible force that acts on iron, steel, and some other metals, pulling or pushing them apart. Learn about attraction and repulsion. Create a magnetic field filings picture.

8/26  Blue Crab Blitz
The crab traps are baited and waiting for you to come to the Science Barge and enjoy the blue crab frenzy. Traps provided.

9/2  The Language of Liquids
Just as solid objects less dense than water float, so too do liquids that are less dense, provided they do not mix. Learn about making things float and have fun with buoyancy.

9/9  Blue Crab Blitz
The last Blue Crab Blitz of the season.

9/16  Where Science & Magic Collide
Get introduced to perception puzzles to encourage the discovery of symmetry, eye and mind connection, and manipulation of perception. This lesson will be undertaken using the scientific method.

9/23  Mosaics
Make a small stepping stone from recycled materials to take home. Bring some broken plates from home to make into art that will last for years to come.

9/30  Harvest Moon Kaleidoscopes

10/7  Aquafest & Biological Vectors
Plants don’t move to get their seeds to future places of growth. They have vectors transport their precious cargo. Learn how seeds, tics, mosquitoes, and more ‘transport’ by various methods in the natural world.

10/14  Static Electricity
Static electricity is the crackle when you comb your hair and the tingling when you take off a nylon sweater. The lighting that flashes in a thunderstorm is static electricity too, and so it the force that drags ink onto paper in a photocopier. What they all have in common is that they are produced by two things rubbing together.

10/21  Fractals
Learn how fractals are an important part of science and math, as well as intricate art.

10/28  Pumpkins become Jack-O-Lanterns
Time to celebrate Halloween on the Science Barge’s Urban Farm. Transform ordinary pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns and have the Jacks pose for an end of season Science Barge photo.


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR Stained-Glass Artist, Jamie Gail Korb, has been practicing her craft since the mid-90’s and teaching it to children at St. Bartholomew’s Church since 2001. Having been raised in a family consisting of a bead-weaving grandfather, silver-smith mother, and centrifugal casting artist sister, it is no surprise that Jamie followed this multi-generational tradition and built a solid career in the arts all her own, exhibiting all over the US and delivering commissioned artwork to clients in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, New Mexico and California to name a few. Taught and raised in Wisconsin, the same area as Georgia O’Keefe and Frank Lloyd Wright, Jamie now resides in the Hudson River Valley and is represented by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Past Exhibition Highlights include the 10th Annual Seasons at Lenoir Nature Reserve, Yonkers NY; New York International Film Festival; 2008 Arte News Magazine Fall Edition; and Infinite Possibilities at Fountainhead Gallery NYC.  Jamie Korb is looking forward to heading and implementing the new Art on the Barge Program, every Sunday on the Science Barge, a prototype sustainable urban farm educational center, in Yonkers NY. More info about these workshops at http://thesciencebarge.tumblr.com


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