Photos: Fans Cheered On 'X-Factor' Finalist

Westchester's Carly Rose Sonenclar had plenty of local support as she appeared in the final round of X-Factor Wednesday night.

While Carly Rose Sonenclar sang some of the important notes of her young life hundreds of supporters gathered in White Plains to cheer on the young star during her appearance in the X-Factor finals.

Sonenclar, of Mamaroneck, is among three performers or groups to reach the show's final round, which aired on FOX Wednesday night. Votes were cast after the show and the results will be revealed tonight. The winner will receive a $5 million recording contract.

Hundreds of Carly Rose's biggest supporters gathered at Archbishop Stepanic High School for a watch party of the singer's live performance. "Carly's Angels", as the fans are known, were shown live during the show wearing matching T-shirts and holding signs.

“I just think she’s such a talented girl and I think it would be great to give back to someone in our community," said Andrea Elizabeth, 22, of Harrison, who helped organize supporters before the show. “I really, truly believe that she is amazing, she’s so talented.”

Other supporters included Melisa Guarin, 16, and Cristina Guzman, 15, both from White Plains, who came to the event at the last minute to show their support. Both have become big fans of Carly Rose as she made her way to the finals.

“I just find it cool, the atmosphere here,” Guarin said. “I’m scared to see if she wins or not.”

Starlight, an organization that helps children battling chronic health issues, transported about 50 young kids to the event. Carly Rose has volunteered with the organization for a few years and the kids are some of her biggest supporters. Some came from as far as Brooklyn to show their support.

"Almost all of (the kids) know her," said Mike Lee, a volunteer with the Starlight. "She's an amazing kid."

X-Factor aired several interviews with fans who attended the viewing party and talked to Carly Rose live about the amount of support she has received back home in Westchester.

The winner of this year's X-Factor will be revealed Thursday night on FOX.

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