Scarsdale Photographer Presents Her Work In NYC

Scarsdale-based photographer Ruth Raskin, finds art in objects that others might find mundane.

As one of a small group of artists representing Westchester’s creative side, Ruth Raskin’s black and white photography stood out at the 2nd annual Contemporary Art Fair NYC this past weekend.

About 200 artists showed at the art fair, which was held at New York City’s Javits Center.

Raskin was first noticed at the Armonk Outdoor Art Fair, where her photos not only earned her First Place for photography, but also the attention of the Producer and Director of the Contemporary Art Fair NYC Richard Rothbard.

“Her photography is very unique,” Rothbard said. “If there is an award-winning artist out there, I want that award-winning artist in my show.”

After taking photography at Westchester Community College more than a decade ago, Raskin's creative side was awakened. “I got interested in areas I never knew existed," she said. 

Raskin's camera of choice is a Canon 35mm, and she develops all of her film in a darkroom at home.

“I much prefer to stand in a darkroom for 6 hours than to sit at my computer for 30 minutes,” Raskin joked. 

Raskin's theme, she says, is “perspective," and when it comes to inspiration, she concentrates on the minute, ordinarily-missed detail of an object.

“I want to see just this part of something, just like that. For the most part it’s not a big view. It's, ‘Look right here, this way,'" Raskin explained. 

Raskin’s work is mostly object-oriented black-and-white images, featuring shadowplay and geometry seamlessly intertwined -- details that create beautifully haunting imagery.

Although Raskin's digital/color photography was also displayed at the show, she feels her heart is more in black and white film.

“I love the rich tones of a black and white and print, I also just find that it's more emotional for me," Raskin said. 


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