Scarsdale Business Spotlight: Hutchinson Farms, For All Your Organic Needs

Hutchinson Farms has its shelves overflowing with fresh produce and in-house prepared foods.

is an organic and fresh produce store at 833 Post Road in Scarsdale. Originally founded in 1940, the farm has been at the current location since 1970. Michael Costello, a Scarsdale resident, took over the business in 1985. He grew up next to a farm on Hutchinson Boulevard and began working there as a youngster–which evolved into the store that exists today. 

Every day, the business owner travels to local farms upstate and to Hunt’s Point Terminal market to hand-pick all of the produce himself to stock his store. In addition to their full line of organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, Hutchinson Farms also has a wide selection of prepared foods, like their green and yellow zucchini pasta, salads, dips and 10 kinds of soups in the winter–which are all prepared on site. During the summer, Costello stocks his store with all local produce. 

People come from all over the area to shop here. From Purchase to Chappaqua, Rye Brook to White Plains to NYC, the shoppers come every week to buy their groceries.

But if a customer can’t get down to the store, Hutchinson Farms has a delivery service that will bring their selection home.

Costello said his customers keep him busy all year long, and that it’s “very enjoyable to appease them.”

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