NY Gas Prices Impacted by Hurricane Isaac

Have you noticed an uptick in gas prices in Pleasantville and Briarcliff Manor?

Isaac was a Category One hurricane  when it made landfall on the Gulf Coast, but now as a tropical storm, it continues to wreak havoc in Louisiana and increasing gas prices around the nation.

Outside of New York City, the price of gas jumped two cents per gallon from last week.

"Prices had already started going up even before the hurricane hit," Robert Sinclair Jr., spokesman for AAA New York, said today.

The so-called "fear tax" pushed gas prices up, as the concerns of what hurricane-related damages may occur from Isaac soared.

A week ago in the New York City area, the average price at the pump was $4.07—and now it is $4.09, Sinclair said.

"That's not such a big jump," he added.

But nationally, a week ago the average was $3.71 a gallon. And this morning, it was $3.80, according to AAA.

"There’s been a nine cent jump in gas in just the last week," Sinclair said, which is more "reflective of the situation."

Looking back at gas prices in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit, prices at the pump spiked 44 cents in just the one week following the Category Five storm, he noted.

The major difference between the two hurricanes is Isaac is a Category One storm, and there have been no reports of oil companies or refineries being knocked offline due to Isaac.

With Isaac hitting, and just days away, drivers hitting the roads this weekend should expect a slight increase in gas prices.

Typically, Labor Day brings about a decrease in gas prices, according to Sinclair. However, due to Isaac, prices will be up slightly and could continue to rise.

In Westchester, county government officials are warning folks to be cautious and take note at the pump.

"Our department will entertain complaints if people think prices are excessive," John Gaccione, acting director of Consumer Protection, said.

Gaccione said if a customer suspects a problem at the gas station with pricing, or he believes he has been shorted in any way, he can file a complaint online, or call (914) 995-2155.

Gaccione said his department takes complaints year-round.

Have you noticed higher prices at the pump?

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Arthur Vecchiotti August 30, 2012 at 11:46 AM
That's bull - there is more in reserve now than ever. GREED
Arthur Vecchiotti August 30, 2012 at 11:47 AM
It;s all GREED! There is more in reserve now than ever before.
Marc August 30, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Yet we won't drill more, and we haven't built a refinery in decades. So when something happens it cuts down supply in an instant. We have 50 different blends so only a refinery in the area can produce it. See how shutting down a pipeline cuts off all the supply as a result. Yep, noone cares about these things until the prices jump and their popularity drops off. Maybe we need someone who cares about the middle class instead of trying to burden them as much as possible. MARC
Arthur Vecchiotti August 30, 2012 at 04:42 PM
Go Mitt


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