Even with Surplus, Gas Prices Rise

Despite the tumble crude oil took earlier this week, and the unexpected surplus in gasoline supplies, gas prices at local stations keep going up.

Oil prices are lower than analysts expected - dropping to $76 a barrel yesterday - but despite the crude price drop, and a surprise surplus in gasoline supplies, prices at the pump just keep creeping up around the area. 

The rise of the national average for gas prices - according to motorist group AAA - hit its highest peak since 2008 starting over a week ago when crude oil prices were on the rise. But despite falling back, the prices at the pump have maintained a steady pressure to push past the $3 mark.

Currently the national average on gas is $2.72 per gallon for regular unleaded - a jump of 14 cents from just a month ago.  This time last year the national average was $1.85.

Gas stations in Scarsdale have yet to keep up with the crude oil plummet - and this week the lowest we could find was $2.69 at the Shell station at 999 Popham Rd. 

Even while writing this story - two days after some of the photographs were taken - gas prices took another hike. At Leewood Service Station at 826 Post Rd., the regular unleaded price was $3.05 this morning. 

A call to the service station to ask why the prices were rising was less than helpful. 

"I have no idea, you'll have to talk to the boss," said the gentleman who answered the phone. 

It was the only service station where I could get an answer. Patch will keep you updated when we call "the boss" back at 11 am - and as soon as we can get anyone else on the line. 

Got any photos today? Speak to gas station owners about prices? Do you own a gas station? Contribute to this ongoing story - send any information to jess@patch.com


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