Review This Scarsdale: Balducci's

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Review This Scarsdale is a new Patch column that encourages readers to use the Patch Places directory and rate the local businesses in Scarsdale. From pizza to coffee shops, retail stores to salons–rate the local businesses in the Patch Places directory on a scale of one to five stars and interact with the community.

, located on Palmer Avenue in Scarsdale, is a "food lover's market." With a parking lot that is often crowded, this grocer sells organic meats, flowers, chocolates, baked goods, fruits and gift baskets. 

Do you pick up your coffee and teas at ? Have an event catered from here? Shop for groceries each week or stop in for a quick dessert?

Here is your chance to rate the service, selection and atmosphere on Patch. Be on a scale of one to five stars and add your comments below, too.

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