Scarsdale's Stay Fit Helping Women Of All Ages Get Into Shape

Stay Fit is an exercise class set to live music.

Pairing group exercise with live musical performance is bound to create a healthy and harmonious mix here in Scarsdale.

“It’s a symphony for the body and mind,” Lisa Van Gundy, a Scarsdale resident and student, said of the Stay Fit class.

Stay Fit is a women's exercise class in Scarsdale. Founded by Nancy Gavrin and Sue Sekulow in 2006, these two women have a combined, 58-years of experience teaching exercise.

The program is unique for is use of live piano accompaniment to the exercises. The music has a wide range, from classical pieces and Broadway, to Oldies to everything in between.

The instructors, Nancy, Sue, Maria and Patricia, work to personalize the classes, aware of each student’s capabilities and limits. They work to give each class at least two instructors in the room, allowing one to teach the class and the other to make corrections or to answer questions if needed.  

“We know everybody’s name,” Sekulow said.

The musicians play off the cuff, specific requests or seasonal pieces, and the instructors work with the music to create each class. 

The classes are for women of all ages, with many of the students in the 40s through 90s age-range. Each class works to tone and stretch muscles, to improve posture and balance and to give its students a low-impact aerobic workout.

Attendees come from all around the Scarsdale area.

Classes are available in the Scarsdale Women’s Club on Drake Road on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m.; and at 10:10 a.m. during the summer. 

For more information, go to http://stayfit-ny.com/ or call 914-725-5513.

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