Scarsdale Alerts Residents To Hurricane Sandy

The village issued email and phone alerts to Scarsdale residents tonight.

The following is an emergency alert statement from the Village of Scarsdale issued Friday night:

Good Evening, this is Stephen Pappalardo, the Village of Scarsdale, Deputy Village Manager communicating to you via the Village's Emergency Notification System regarding Hurricane Sandy.

Based on current forecasts Hurricane Sandy, is expected to arrive in our area late Sunday evening, intensifying Monday morning and continuing through Tuesday. Rainfall amounts of at least 4 to 6 inches are possible and will be accompanied by Tropical Storm force winds in excess of 50 mph.

Residents in areas which have experienced flooding in the past should take necessary precautions to lessen the impact of the flooding by removing any items from their properties which may float. Those that border streams and ponds should safely remove branches and other debris that may impede the flow of water. If feasible, residents who reside in flood prone areas and have the ability to relocate, should consider the option as a precaution.

Those who plan to leave should do so as early as possible, as travel during the storm is not recommended.

Village Emergency Service Departments are prepared for the storm. Police, Fire, Public Works and Water Utility personnel will be on duty throughout the storm to respond to emergencies.

Residents should call 722-1150 after 9:00 a.m. on Monday for any storm related issues. Calling 911 should only be done in emergency situations. The Village is in contact with the Westchester County Office of Emergency Management and will continue to receive updated information with regards to Hurricane Sandy.

The Village will provide additional information about the storm as it becomes available on our website www.scarsdale.com and through additional emergency notification advisories.


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