Mysterious Benefactor Drops Pricey Gold Coin in Salvation Army Kettle - Again

Photo credit: Matthew Gullotta
Photo credit: Matthew Gullotta
Written by Krista Madsen

It seems to have become an annual tradition that someone – perhaps the same mysterious benefactor? – drops a pricey gold coin, or more, into a Salvation Army kettle around the holidays.

This season one landed in a kettle in Hawthorne  – with the highest value so far.

Ossining’s Matthew Gullotta, owner of the North American Refinery in Briarcliff Manor, shared a photo of the big check he wrote to the Tarrytown branch of the nonprofit organization when they traded the coin in for money.

That one coin, a very beautiful one actually, was worth a whopping $1,280.

Gullotta said the Salvation Army contacted him for a quote, which they had to get several of. “I did and the next day I got an email to bring check to Salvation Army Tarrytown. I did and couldn't be happier they chose North American Refinery,” he said. “We were very happy to help, but thrilled a very generous person provided a random act of kindness. Thank you to that person, and all the Good People.”

Angelica Rosamilia said the Tarrytown Army actually got three anonymously donated gold coins last year. Even with this big gift this year, they said their kettle operation is suffering. They lack volunteers to get out there in the cold and ring those bells, and donations are down by $30,000 compared to past years.

“This year is tough, unfortunately,” Rosamilia said.

In Tarrytown, Army volunteers have kettles at C-Town, occasionally at Walgreens, and at the Route 119 Stop and Shop. They are in Ossining at the Food Emporium and the A&P; also in Pleasantville, Bedford, Millwood, Hawthorne. There are 15 kettles in all.

The money goes right back to our least fortunate local citizens. “We buy food for the food pantry, we give out toys and clothing around Christmas,” Rosamillia said. “Summer camp…whatever is needed in the community.”

“We could use a few more gold coins,” she said.


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