Patch Bloggers: Saving Money, Smokers' Rights

A recap of recent and popular blog posts in southern Westchester

Patch blogs in recent days have tackled a number of issues, from Olympic tragedy to saving on college expenses.

Always-engaging blogger Larry Elkin detailing the history of the 1972 Olympic murders—and why certain tributes are deemed inappropriate.

In Christopher Pagli's corner, the Patch blogger informs readers . Pagli lays out five quick tips, and he knows best—he worked as a mover in Westchester and Long Island during his teens.

(Perhaps the most salient tip: "measure," or, in simpler terms, don't attempt to force an eight-foot refrigerator through a seven-foot door.)

On the fiscal front, blogger Steve Gross tells parents and students , and retired-journalist Art Gunther II sounds off on how .


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