College Life: The Comforts of Home

This Scarsdale High grad writes about her senior year of college.

When I was looking at colleges, I knew one thing was absolutely certain. I wanted to go very far away from Scarsdale. I was young, feeling trapped and in need of exploring different environments, and I blamed Scarsdale for locking me in.

I was at an age where my parents were the worst people on the planet, and I needed to be as far away from them as possible. For example, when we were discussing one school in particular, my mom had said, “oh, only an hour away? We’ll come for dinner all the time!” The school immediately came off my list.

Now, as I think back, I acted rashly. A few weeks ago, my friend had his parents over, and they cooked a wonderful Filipino dinner for everyone in the five person household, and some lucky stragglers like myself were invited. His parents also brought him his piano, a cooler full of food and a shelving unit his father had built for the upstairs bathroom.

I was extremely jealous. With my parents seven hours away, it’s almost impossible for them to make the trip. So I miss out on that comfort that parents bring as they come take care of you. Even if you know you’re getting a little too old for it, it’s a moment where you get to hold onto that childish feeling for just a little longer. You can forget how nice it is to have someone taking care of you when you have to live without it.

I know I’m not allowed to be a kid in that respect anymore. I have responsibilities to take care of, a landlord and bills to worry about, and a career to plan for. I have to take care of that myself, act like the adult I’m in the process of becoming. But it’s nice to be reminded of that feeling that you can relax because someone else has got you for a while. 

Now, my parents are coming up to visit me this weekend, taking the 7-8 hour drive up from NY and bringing me tons of goodies. I won’t just be a part of the ritual; it will be centered around me. And I can’t wait.

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