Letter To The Editor: Edgemont Resident Speaks Out Post-Sandy

This letter to the editor was submitted to Patch by Stan Arkow.

By Stan Arkow, MD, 6 Paradise Drive in Edgemont:

All of us are aware of the massive infrastructure difficulties posed by this huge storm. What makes the waiting for power so hard is the apparent lack of any visible evidence that any crews are out and about.

I am off Ft. Hill Road in Edgemont (6 Paradise Drive) and only look out at the same group of downed trees and wires in the same locations all about town, not only my own.

Why can't the towns of Greenburgh and Scarsdale let the public know (transparency) where the work groups are? What are they working on? Anxiety decreases if we know help is on the way with evidence of where that help is rather than a promise of power return with no evidence that that might take place.

How do we pose this concern to our town and our county administrators?

youmustbekidding November 01, 2012 at 10:17 PM
communication with visual support is all people really need......and at least the truth...


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