Patch Comments: 'Like Heck It's a Good ... Budget'

The county budget, same-sex marriage, and an actor arrested for not filing NY State taxes are just some of the topics that got Hudson Valley Patch users talking on the comments board last week.

Astorino Signs County Budget After Dems' Schism Erupts

"Like heck '.. it's a good responsible budget.' Any budget that borrows money to pay operating expenses (pension fund contributions in this case) is IRRESPONSIBLE. You don't borrow money to pay your mortgage, your insurance, your electricity, etc. Why? Because if you did, you'd likely never catch up. Just because Gubernator Cuomo decided to let counties borrow money, doesn't mean they should." -- Bob Zahm

... and ...

"What's good? It's another Astorino budget to keep the tax increase at zero. What's wrong with that? I don't think I'm going to notice any cuts/reductions at all." -- Billy

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case

"Good, it is time to legalize gay marriage. DOMA is just legalized bigotry." -- Issy

Actor Stephen Baldwin Arrested for Failing to Pay Income Taxes

"Sorry, Mr. Pants. Taxes are a legit element of a governed society. Now we can argue all day long about the level and use of taxation, but there's never been a single, successful society without the ability to levy taxes. Fairness is the issue. And fairness goes both ways. The governed have a responsibility to pay for the legitimate goals of government ... and the government has the responsibility to use those monies in the wisest of fashions. To argue otherwise is silly." -- Aidan

... and ...

"I agree Aidan but the point is that taxation at the point where it is clearly a confiscation of wealth. One of the so-called "rich" making $250,000 a year is paying well in excess of 60% combined federal income, state income, city, school, sales, transfer etc etc etc tax and Obama care to boot! Memo to Bruce - this government under the democrats is becoming Iran and Syria." -- smellypants

Pearl River Rotary's Share Christmas & The Holidays

"The Rockland Community Foundation salutes the Pearl River Rotary on its wonderful and thoughtful event! Groups such as yours show how wonderful the holidays can be." -- rockland community foundation

"'Do you feel tighter gun control rules could have played a role in preventing this tragedy?' No. And stop imbuing inanimate objects with a will of their own. Where was the call for steak knife regulations after Simpson carved up his wife? It's a silly exercise in connect the dots. Assault weapons and para-military gear and stuff? That sort of stuff needs to be re-evaluated. Then we're all in another grey area." -- Aidan

"Seriously B comparing guns to cars seems quite ignorant to me. What percent of car accidents that have fatalities or serious injuries are intentional? Hence the word accident. Guns misfire and can kill their operators or someone nearby even if they are not being misused, but again that doesn't happen all that often. Kinda like intentional car accidents. Ridiculous comparisons like this only make me wonder about the mindset of gun owners. Yes the right to bear arms is part of what makes our country great but making it so easy to bear arms has become an enormous problem. Thanks to Mr. Heinemann for addressing this issue, its sad that guns have to be even remotely involved in a story about a sport like football that is embraced and loved by so many Americans. KDC" -- KDC

Harry One December 09, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Will Stephen Baldwin be next sec of tresury


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