snow clearing update

Just got off the phone with the highway department and with the Deputy Commissioner of Public Works. 31 trucks are out trying to keep Greenburgh roads as safe as possible. The roads are extremely icy- stay off the roads until tomorrow morning. We decided not to continue to plow the roads at the current time because plowing makes the roads even more icy and slippery. So, our trucks are salting the roads.

We have had crews out all day long from the early morning hours. Please recognize the fact that roads could be salted or cleared--and be slippery a short time after the trucks move on to other streets if the snow/freezing rain hasn't stopped.  We could be on a street now and 15 minutes from now people think we were never there.  This is a big town. It could take a few hours for trucks to make a 2nd sweep to your neighborhood.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Our crews will continue working this evening. Hopefully, by tomorrow morning you'll be able to drive safely to the destination of your choice.

REMEMBER--be careful about black ice. Don't slip and fall.  We don't want to see you in the emergency room.



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