Unusual Suspects: Shopping Cart Attack on Vehicle; Telepathic Harassment; Bashed by a Pool Cue

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

Cops: Man Strikes Vehicle with Shopping Cart in Shrub Oak

Yorktown Police charged a Putnam Valley man with second-degree criminal mischief after the man allegedly struck a vehicle with a shopping cart and caused more than $1,500 in damage. The man, 64, turned himself into police. 

Woman Complains of 'Telepathic Harassment'

Tarrytown police responded to a report that a woman at the Warner Library claimed she was being telepathically harassed by another patron. The alleged harasser was sitting in another room and the woman claims he was sending her inappropriate messages. The alleged victim accused the same man of similar acts at a Walgreens about one month earlier. Police asked the man and a witness if he had any contact with the woman that day and both said no. At the request of the woman, the incident was noted on the blotter.  

Man Bashed with Pool Cue During Christmas Game

A Christmas Day party in Ossining went very wrong for a man who claims to have been bashed in the head with a pool cue. The victim claims he had an argument with another man playing pool when a third man struck him and then hit him with a pool ball. 

Community Creche is Target for Second Year in a Row

A statue of the infant Jesus that was part of a Pearl River community creche was vandalized with spray paint, according to Orangetown police. The incident marked the second year in a row that this particular creche was targeted. Last year, police caught two men stealing the baby Jesus statue. The spray painted Jesus figure was replaced.  

Police: Woman Forced to Fend off Dog

A 60-year-old Scarsdale woman was forced to fend off a violent, unleashed dog belonging to her neighbor while walking her own dog, according to police. The woman told police she had to kick the dog to protect herself and reported that similar incidents have happened in the past. 

Monsey Resident Arrested For Criminal Trespass & Criminal Possession Of Weapon

A Monsey man, 51, was arrested at a Rite Aid for trespassing and criminal possession of a weapon after being found in the employees only section of the store carrying a knife. 

Police: Men Tried to Sell Drugs to Off-Duty Cop

Two Port Chester men were arrested after attempting to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer. One man approached the officer and offered to sell the drugs, setting up a time and place to make the deal. At the time of the deal, that same man asked the officer to follow him to his car, where the drugs were stored and a second man was in the vehicle. Both men involved in the deal were arrested. 

Sleep Hollow Police: Man Swings Stick at Cars

A man swinging at stick at cars in Sleepy Hollow on Route 9 was reported, but police were unable to locate anyone doing such a thing. Also in Sleepy Hollow, a woman reported that someone kept ringing her doorbell and running away, but that she was too scared to open the door. Police discovered an intoxicated person at the wrong address and took the person to their home. 




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