UPDATED: Accident On Hutchinson Parkway Jams Up Traffic

An afternoon accident on Tuesday backed up traffic on the Hutch from Scarsdale. The one-car crash sent the driver to the hospital with injuries.

Traffic jammed up on the Hutchinson Parkway this afternoon in Scarsdale and White Plains as emergency crews responded to a one-car crash after the driver hit a tree and ran off the road.

The accident occurred at about 12:20 p.m. on the northbound side of the Hutchinson River Parkway. The White Plains Fire Department and the Westchester County Police Department were both on the scene today.

Cpt. John Saviano, the SFD incident commander, said the car "ran off the road and hit a tree, and kind of spun the car around 180 degrees and wound up in the brook facing southbound."

The crash happened around the Mamaroneck Ave. exit. Traffic came to a near-halt on the northbound side and slowed down to bumper-to-bumper on the southbound side.

The single-vehicle crash sent the male driver to the hospital, according to Saviano. He was the only occupant in the car and "was hurt pretty badly."

The White Plains Fire Department initially got dispatched to the Parkway, north of Mararoneck, but they got there and there was no accident, the captain said.

Once the crews were informed the accident was further down in Scarsdale, the SFD was dispatched and both departments worked together, he noted.

Westchester County Police kept the lane closed to traffic in order to investigate the crash, Saviano said.


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