Bloomington Police Investigating Murder Suspect, Possible Connection To Spierer Case

The Bloomington Police released a statement to the media today on the new investigation.

Bloomington (Indiana) Police are now reviewing the case of murder suspect Clyde Gibson and investigating if there is a link to the case of missing Edgemont

"A detective from the Bloomington Police Department has been assigned to make an inquiry with investigators in New Albany (Indiana) regarding the Clyde Gibson case they are investigating," Captain Joe Qualters of the Bloomington Police Department said in a statement today.

Spierer, a 20-year-old college student from Edgemont, N.Y., has been missing since last June. She had been out with friends near her college in Bloomington, Indiana, prior to going missing.

Qualters said this is the "responsible thing to do as part of our ongoing investigation and it is much like the inquiries we make on unidentified bodies that become known to us from other jurisdictions."

However, at this time police "have no indication that there is any connection to , but we are certainly interested in anyone who comes to the attention of law enforcement for targeting women as victims. That is the sole purpose for the inquiry."

The New Albany Police Department is currently working with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit on the case of William Clyde Gibson, according to the Courier-Journal.

Gibson is a suspect in the murders of two women and is expected to be charged with a third, according to information New Albany Police Chief Sherri Knight provided to the Courier-Journal.

The Courier-Journal reported that Gibson was charged with killing a 75-year-old Clarksville woman on April 19, charged with an October 2002 murder of Florida resident Karen Hodella and will be charged with the murder of 35-year-old Stephanie Kirck of Charlestown. Bodies were found at Gibson's home and yard, and the third near the Ohio River, the Courier-Journal reported.

Police are currently searching Gibson's home, according to NBC's WAVE Channel 3.


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