Bloomington Police Release Statement On Lauren Spierer and Michaela Shunick Cases

The Bloomington Police Department released an update today on the case of missing Edgemont student Lauren Spierer.

downplayed media reports of a connection between missing college student and Edgemont resident and that of another college student in Louisiana.

It has been almost one year since the and Edgemont resident disappeared.

Twenty-year-old Spierer has been missing since June 3, 2011, after she had been out with a group of friends in Bloomington.

The following is a statement from Captain Joe Qualters of the Bloomington (Indiana) Police Department:


Much speculation has been generated in the media regarding a possible connection between the Department and the missing person case of Michaela Shunick being investigated by the Lafayette (LA) Police Department.

The Bloomington Police Department did, in fact, make an inquiry of the Lafayette Police Department to discuss the circumstances related to their investigation due to the fact that both agencies are investigating the disappearance of a female college student.

It should be noted that nothing of significance to the Spierer investigation came from the discussion held with police investigators in Louisiana.

The Bloomington Police Department has made inquiries of various law enforcement agencies over the course of the last year for such things as missing person investigations, unidentified bodies or suspects arrested by other jurisdictions for serious crimes.

Inquiries such as those described will continue to be made if it appears that there is any potential to further this ongoing investigation.


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