Hastings Police Beat: 'Hangry' Raccoon, Shot Deer, Home Burglarized

Ever lost (and found) almost $5,000 in your walk-in closet?

Dec. 8:

  • An Edgars Lane resident said an injured deer had been trapped in her yard for several days, and requested the Greenburgh Animal Warden. By the time police arrived, the animal had moved. Police reported the deer didn't need to be put down, and requested a specialist who could help with rehabilitation.
  • A Farragut Avenue resident reported a sick raccoon in her yard. When patrol arrived, the raccoon walked away, appearing not to be sick. Police found overturned garbage cans and came to the conclusion that the raccoon "may have just been hungry." (Editor's note: I recently learned the word 'hangry' while reading a magazine in a doctor's waiting room—I believe it may apply in this situation.)
  • A caller reported seeing a deer that appeared to have been shot three or four times with arrows near the Saw Mill Parkway. Hastings police referred the call to Westchester County Police. No arrests for illegal hunting were made.
  • A caller reported that while driving around looking at Christmas Lights in the area of Taft Street and Overlook Road, she observed two youths that "appeared to be hiding whenever the caller drove by." Patrol officers were detailed and all was determined to be in order. (Editor's note: We hope the caller had a hands-free phone.)

Dec. 9:

  • A employee reported chasing two unknown youths off the campus. According to Hastings Chief David Bloomer, the youths were students of the St. Christopher's School in Dobbs Ferry. "They were just handing out fliers," Bloomer said. "Nothing terrible."
  • A Yonkers resident reported his 2008 Honda Civic scratched severely while parked on Maple Avenue.
  • A Whitman Street resident returned home at noon and discovered his home had been burglarized. Items stolen include: three laptop computers, a Nintendo Wii console, a substantial amount of jewelry. Police said the suspects seemed to have attempted to gain forced entry through a rear screen window. Ultimately, though, they believe the burglars entered through a rear kitchen door. This case is under investigation.

Dec. 10:

  • "An excited caller" on Warburton Avenue indicated there was an active fire in his oven. Police and fire departments responded, extinguishing the flames. Fire officials believe an electrical short shut the gas line.
  • At 8:23 p.m. police received what Bloomer described as a "pocket dial" from what was most likely a party or gathering on Euclid Avenue. According to the police blotter, a female voice in the background said, "I think your phone just broke." Police believe the woman inadvertently called 911. 

Dec. 11:

  • Overlook Road residents came to police headquarters to report $4,700 cash stolen from their walk-in closet. Bloomer said they later called back to say they'd found the money.

Dec. 13:

  • A Dobbs Ferry sergeant reported seeing a suspicious vehicle in the area of Oliphant Avenue (Dobbs Ferry), with a man hanging out the window clicking what appeared to be a garage door-like device. Afraid it might be the , he alerted Hastings police. But, according to Bloomer, the man was delivering telephone books and had been instructed to click off each house to which a book had been delivered (to prevent employees from unloading all the books in one place, grabbing a beer, and collecting their money.)

Editor's note: Though no cars were stolen this week in Hastings, Chief Bloomer strongly advises residents to take very seriously and LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS. 

Also, don't forget to bring down a couple of cans of dog or cat food for the Hudson Valley Pet Food Pantry. There's a collection box in police HQ.

enforce the law December 19, 2011 at 12:52 AM
A caller reported seeing a deer that appeared to have been shot three or four times with arrows near the Saw Mill Parkway. Hastings police referred the call to Westchester County Police. No arrests for illegal hunting were made. When does Chief of Police Bloomer plan to arrest illegal hunters? Enforce the law!
Lizzie Hedrick December 19, 2011 at 12:44 PM
"Enforce the Law:" police can't arrest a person they don't find. People engaging in illegal activities tend not to stick around for the police...
lori December 19, 2011 at 01:09 PM
what would you like him to do? Stakeout the woods night after night waiting for hunters. Who's going to pay the overtime? We have 2 patrol cars at night. I'd rather they patrolled then wait for a would be shooter and risk injuring themselves.
Elizabeth December 19, 2011 at 04:07 PM
Hangry Birds. Advice: Run with it. Also, I don't have a walk-in closet or an extra $4,700 to keep in it even if I did. Jealous.
Nicole Scarmeas December 22, 2011 at 03:58 PM
These illegal hunters are running rampant. They're are alcohol checkpoints, and now they're should be hunter checkpoints. Same amount of resources need be used bc same amt of potential danger to humans and animals. Dosin & Bloomer, you're the best & I know you can do this. Please consider. Will be seeing you soon with some Holiday cheer! :)


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