NYSP: Avoid Unnecessary Travel

Officials say police agencies are 'stretched thin' and motorists are having a difficult time navigating area roads.

New York State Police released this statement at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday:

State Police request the PUBLIC  to be aware of the difficult conditions involving todays Nor'Easter—and all are advised to AVOID  ALL UNECESSARY TRAVEL.

Motorists are having difficult time navigating the snow covered roads, that have become slippery; visibility is VERY LIMITED due to the windswept snow.   

All police agencies are being stretched thin, with multiple issues involving many cars off roadways, motorists stranded and tractor trailers stuck on hills in roadways, blocking traffic. All assets are being used by DOTs, tow agencies and fire and police agenices. The added traffic just continues to exacerbate the conditions, adding to the dangers to all motorists.   

ALL are asked to find a safe location and refrain from driving at this time, until roadway crews are able to manage the roadways, opening them up via plows and sanding. The storm is expected to last until after midnight with snow three to six inches and winds 30-40 mph gusts. After that time we expect the road conditions to become more passable and should be in much better condition by daybreak.

Editor's note: Minor grammatical and style adjustments have been made to the above message. The content has not changed.


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