Police Blotter April 16-19

Goings on about town, as recorded by Scarsdale's Finest. All incidents disclosed to Patch are a matter of public record and provided at the discretion of the Scarsdale Police Department.


FROM April 16 to April 19

Friday, April 16

9:56 am – Pulling out of his driveway at 8 White Birch Lane, a man driving a 10'Lexus hit a Scarsdale Village truck that was parked and unoccupied on the street.  There was some damage sustained to both vehicles.

Saturday, April 17

1:47 am – Traveling down Garth Road in the wee hours of the morning, a 17-year old youth driving a 2003 VW hit a 2003 Toyota that was parked and unoccupied in front of Scarsdale Bagels on 52 Garth.  There were no injuries.

2:45 pm – A Scarsdale High School student reported that his wallet was stolen from an unlocked gym locker on 4/16 in the late afternoon. His wallet contained $20 in cash. 

12:53 am – Residents of 1231 Post Road returned home to find a rear window in their den broken, with glass on the den floor, indicating a potential break-in.  It appeared that a rock had been thrown through the window, the screen had been removed, and the rear window latch was broken.  Despite the attempt to enter the home, it was determined that no entry had been made and nothing appeared to be disturbed.  The attempt was made anytime between 5 pm-11 pm. 

Sunday, April 18

10:21 am – A resident of 41 Cambridge Road, the site of I-Net Technologies, reported that his minivan was broken into the previous night while it was parked in his driveway.  The front passenger window was broken and five designer handbags were taken. 

12:07 pm – A 2009 Honda approached the intersection between Sherbrooke Road and Heathcote Road, did not yield, and hit a 2001 Subaru.  The passenger in the 2009 Honda was taken to White Plains Hospital with unknown injuries.

Monday, April 19

9:24 am – Morning commuters – or maybe just errand-runners – had a collision that could be called the battle of the Lexuses. Or is it Lexi? A black 2006 Lexus LL RX4, owned by a Leatherstocking Ln. man but operated by a woman whose license states she resides in Manhattan, collided with a grey 2008 Lexus E35, driven by a female resident of Drake Rd. The two smashed up in front of the Congregational Church on Heathcote Rd. near Post Rd.

The 2006 model was towed to a body shop in New Rochelle, while the other was taken to Charlie's Auto Body in Eastchester, but no injuries were reported.

2:06 pm – A burglar alarm sounded at La Dentelliere, a furniture and home goods store in the village, and police arrived two minutes later. See the full story and keep reading Patch for updates on the store's burglary. 

6:11 pm - A vicious and mysterious animal bit a young girl on Sunday, in Butler Woods, but the girl's mother didn't reach police about the incident at 192 Fox Meadow Rd. at 14 Butler Rd. until this evening. The woman asked that police canvass the area for any possible suspect involved in the attack. Police patrol searched the area, but did not find any such animals, according to the police report, "other than two squirrels, one grey and one black. As
squirrels are quite common, Patrol assumes that these were not the 'unknown' animal to which the caller referred. The woods appeared clear of any dangerous unknown animals at this time."

7:14 pm – A caller reporting suspicious activity reached out to the police department asking them to respond to the area near 100 Brite Ave. and 20 Fenimore Rd. The caller noted that an older Merecedes sedan operated by a white male in his 50's was parked near the intersection and looked suspicious. The vehicle then drove towards Fenimore Rd. and made
a right turn towards Hartsdale. Patrol checked all the side streets in the area as well as
the Hartsdale Train Station and did not locate any vehicle and driver matching the description given.

8:08 pm – A female homeowner at 12 Wheelock Rd. continuously called dispatch until police responded at 8:43 pm to complaints of a mobile home parked in front of her residence. She told police she did not "someone not from this neighborhood" to park in front of her home, and told patrol officers the vehicle had been parked for 1/2 hour outside of her house. Police noted the vehicle was not violating parking rules, but the caller wanted the trailer parked elsewhere. Police told the caller that if the vehicle was parked legally, they could not under law ask the person to leave. The officers then spoke to the vehicle's driver, a chauffeur, who said he was waiting for someone at an adjacent residence. "The vehicle was legally parked, was not obstructing traffic, and will remain at the location for a
short time until the subject arrives. No evidence of criminal activity," stated the report.


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