Police Intensify Search Efforts for Lauren Spierer

The search for missing IU student Lauren Spierer continues 11 days after the she was last seen by a friend walking to her apartment at 4:30 a.m.

Bloomington police have expanded their search efforts for missing Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer walking to her apartment at 4:30 a.m. following a long evening of partying at a local bar.

"America's Most Wanted" aired a segment on Spierer last Saturday evening at 9 p.m., yielding  "dozens of tips," according to police. None, however, have led to a break in the investigation. 

At a press conference last Saturday, Bloomington Police Captain Joe Qualters said police are receiving surveillance videos from area businesses, which they hope will provide clues towards Spierer's whereabouts before her disappearance. Police are enhancing street footage to identify any cars that may have been driving near Spierer's route home. 

Spierer's keys were found on a railing near a friend's apartment building, where she had been socializing with fellow IU friends Corey Rossman, his roommate, Mike Beth, and Jay Rosenbaum, a mutual friend. Spierer was reportedly last seen by Rosenbaum as she walked back to her apartment, Smallwood Plaza.

Both Beth and Rossman have provided DNA samples to the police. 

Police have no suspects, but say they have have 10 persons of interest. 

Qualters said that an expert from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has been hired to search for Spierer, in addition to multiple daily search parties. 

According to the Herald Times Online, police have heard rumors that Spierer and her friends were involved with cocaine, and that Spierer may have died from an overdose. Qualters said that police are considering all information and are not ruling out any tips or possibilities.


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