Scarsdale Police Advise Locals to Remain Vigilant Following bin Laden's Death

Lieutenant Thomas Altizio of the Scarsdale Police Department advises Village residents to remain vigilant and report suspicious behavior to local authorities.

As New Yorkers celebrate Osama bin Laden's capture, local police advise civilians to take precautions in the midst of global travel warnings and nationwide concerns over potential retaliatory attacks from al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations. 

 "We notified all of our patrol officers to increase their checks on public facilities, houses of worship, churches, synagogues and transportation facilities," Lieutenant Thomas Altizio of the Scarsdale Police Department, told Scarsdale Patch. "We want to have an increased presence and awareness near those types of places for both our officers and local residents. If people see something out of the ordinary or suspicious, they should call so it can be checked out." 

"Most police agencies view this time as a time where despite our country's accomplishments, we need to be prepared for any possible retaliation that could result from it," Altizio continued. "We're not sure that anything can happen, but it’s just one of those things that we look at as a time where we should be a little more vigilant and prepared." 


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