Scarsdale Police, Schools React To CT Shooting

The Scarsdale community is responding to the tragic school shooting in Conn. today.

After today's ., elementary school, the Scarsdale community is reacting to the devastation.

Here in Scarsdale, police are working to keep the community safe.

"We have increased our patrols around the schools, and been in contact with the Scarsdale Board of Education," Scarsdale Police Department Det. Lt. Thomas Altizio told Patch today. "The tragic incident in Connecticut appears to be an isolated event, and there is no reason to believe it poses any increased risk to our area."

Superintendent of Scarsdale Public Schools Dr. Michael McGill released a statement to the school community a short while ago.

He reassured parents and staff that there is no reason to believe Scarsdale schools are in any danger.

"We have absolutely no reason to make a connection between what's just occurred in Newtown and reality here in Scarsdale," McGill stated. "Nonetheless, I've asked our principals to take particular care in enforcing existing safety precautions and to review building safety procedures with their staffs.  Also, as appropriate to children's age, staff will do their best to provide reassurance, a sense of stability, and opportunities to come to terms with events that defy understanding."

He is urging parents to review the following website in order to talk about the tragedy with their children: http://www.nasponline.org/resources/crisis_safety/terror_general.aspx McGill is also encouraging parents and students to reach out to their school counselors.

"As we learn the details of this morning's horror in Newtown, Conn., we're living out yet another of those nightmare moments that have become all too familiar in recent years," the superintendent stated. "Our hearts go out to the children, parents, teachers and all the other residents of a stricken community."

"Please know that our children's well-being is foremost in the minds of Scarsdale's teachers, school leadership, and support staff," McGill stated.

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mari December 15, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Yes, this is a tragedy. However, beefing-up with more police will not stop a shooter or other disturbed person from coming to a school. What the community has to stress is not to have guns, ammunition or gun related things in their homes. In addition, the school superintendent and its board should be more careful in whom they hire to teach or work in the school system. It is bad enough the latest scandal of the last pedophile dean they had for twenty years!


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