Scarsdale Police Warning Residents After Thefts

Police are advising residents to take precautions to prevent car break-ins, bike thefts.

After a string of thefts over the past two months, are advising residents to be extra vigilant.

Police are currently investigating several cases of , and identity thefts.

Scarsdale Police Det. Lt. Thomas J. Altizio said residents need to remove any valuables from their cars, and lock their cars, to try to avoid being targeted.

"The best defense is to not have anything valuable in the car," Altizio said. "Items of value–change, wallets, purses–shouldn't be left in the car." 

He said the bicycle thefts have been occurring "for a while" in and around Scarsdale.

Bike thefts have been happening at "a number of train stations up and down the Metro North line," Altizio said. "We feel the best advice to give people is to make the bike more difficult to steal."

Police suggest using use more solid, rigid locks to prohibit a thief from cutting the lock and swapping the bike.

Scarsdale Police are investigating several bike thefts, examining potential security camera video and checking for pawn shop and online sales transactions, he said. 

Unfortunately, if the bike owner does not have the serial number of the bike, following up can be very difficult, he noted.

There are no suspects in any of the bike larcenies or car break-ins at this time.


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