Unusual Suspects: Craigslist Scam; Alleged Potato Chip Theft; Hand Grenade

Recent strange and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

A Lewisboro man, 77, allegedly fired gunshots at his neighbor's back as she was entering her Golden's Bridge home. The woman told police she heard popping sounds and then felt a sharp sting on the back of her head. The victim, 55, was treated at Northern Westchester hospital for non-life-threatening injuries and was released. New York State police are unsure of the man's motive and are investigating the incident. 

A couple living on North Main Street in Port Chester were surprised to learn that a man who was apparently highly intoxicated and passed out on their property appears to have been robbed while he was there. The couple realized the robbery had occurred after watching film from a security camera they installed to monitor the front of their home. The man was charged with trespassing but did not complain to police that he had been robbed. Police noted that he was intoxicated when he was brought to headquarters.

Hand Grenade Found at Cortlandt Park

Two Montrose residents stumbled upon a hand grenade on a path behind Sunset Park Little League filed in Montrose. A State Police Bomb Disposal Unit was called in to safely remove the grenade, which appeared to be many years old.

A 19-year-old Crompond resident was arrested for throwing a rock at a female acquaintance and narrowly missing her head, according to police. The rock broke the window of the residence she was standing in front of.

A couple was observed by an off-duty officer allegedly stealing a pack of Newport Cigarettes and and sour cream and onion potato chips in Irvington. When the couple was stopped in Jaffray Park, police impounded their vehicle and discovered other items believed to be stolen: baby formula, energy drinks and other items they believe came from CVS and Walgreens in Tarrytown.

A Tarrytown resident attempting to sell a sofa for $499 on Craigslist told police he had received two money orders totaling $1,930 that were determined by Citibank to be fraudulent. The bank informed the seller that he was responsible for the money.

A White Plains woman involved in a dispute with her 84-year-old neighbor allegedly took the man's car for a joy ride to get back at him. The neighbors were apparently arguing in his apartment when the man asked the woman to leave. After she left, the man noticed his car was missing and filed a police report. A friend then told the man he had seen the woman parking the car. The man called police, who found the woman holding the car keys.

C.Hayward June 07, 2012 at 11:45 PM
This newspaper must be from a very small town,but hey news is news I guess.... it is cool to see whats going on in another neck of the woods... peace and blessings.
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