Unusual Suspects: Nunchucks; Shotgun-Toting Man; Naptime For Teens

Recent weird and unusual crime in the Hudson Valley. Reports do not indicate a conviction.

A man was arrested in Bedford after police found nunchucks in his car during a routine traffic stop for an expired inspection sticker. Nunchucks are hardwood sticks joined by a chain or cord and able to be used as a weapon. The man claimed to not know the nunchucks were in the car.

A Peekskill woman was arrested for allegedly refusing to stop shouting obscenities outside of the Peekskill library. After the arrest, police discovered she was in possession of a small amount of crack cocaine.

Port Chester police chased and tackled a resident who was carrying a loaded shotgun. The man tried to take the 12-gauge shotgun from his waistband during the struggle. There was one live shell in the shotgun and a box containing four more live shells for the gun.

A Briarcliff Manor resident reported that a vehicle might have driven over his front lawn during the night, causing damage.

Two Bronx women allegedly stole $1,600 worth of sunglasses from Lord & Taylor at the  in West Nyack, said police. The store reported that the women took 14 pairs of sunglasses from a rack.

A caller reported a possible gas leak to police after noticing turkey vultures in the area. Although the caller could not smell any gas, she believed the turkey vultures, who have an unusually keen sense of smell, had been attracted to potential hazard. The woman was informed by officials that the turkey vultures were likely in the area because it is their mating season.  

One Scarsdale police officer and two firefighters pulled apart the bed rails on a crib to free a boy whose leg had swollen and become stuck in his bed.

Sleepy Hollow Police responded to a call reporting two teens passed out on a residential lawn. Police said the teens, both 17 and from Ossining, appeared to be very intoxicated and likely decided to take an afternoon nap on the lawn. While one teen cooperated with police, the other put up a struggle. Police decided to have the teens examined at Phelps Memorial Hospital to make sure other substances were not found in their systems. Both teens were released.


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