Bronxville-Eastchester Post Sandy Storm Hub

Now that the worst of Hurricane Sandy is behind us, Patch offers a one stop shop for all the info you need on further cancellations, power restorations and info on where to fill up with gas.


After the Storm

In what was one of the worst storms to hit our area in a generation, Hurricane Sandy will be remembered for many things, from the overall disruption of daily life to the lives that were lost and the hardships that were felt by millions across the Northeastern U.S.

Hurricane Sandy has claimed four lives in the Lower Hudson Valley.

A tree crashed through a home in Pearl River at about 6 p.m. Monday Oct. 29, killing a 51-year-old man and placing his family in the hospital.

In North Salem, a tree came down that same evening, killing two middle school-aged boys.

A motorist on the Sprain Brook Parkway in Greenburgh died due to storm conditions Monday evening, as well, according to state police.

Here in Bronxville-Eastchester, while no lives were lost, a majority of residents did lose power, forcing the cancellation of schools and wreaking havoc on daily life for thousands of people.

Patch's full post-Sandy coverage:


  • Chantilly Patiserrie Collecting Items for Sandy Victims in Bronxville


  • Bronxville School to Open Their Doors to Residents

Power Restoration

  • Con Ed.: 'Power in Bronxville Fully Restored'
  • Cuomo Calls Power Outages 'Unacceptable'
  • Patch & AOL Send Hurricane Sandy Relief Trucks in LI & NJ
  • Mayor Ecklond Updates Residents on Con Ed.
  • Bronxville Back to Business on Tuesday
  • Con Ed. Westchester Restoration: Estimated Nov. 10-11
  • Mayor Marvin Updates Residents Regarding Con Ed.

Gasoline Shortages

  • Updated: Where's the Gas in Westchester
  • Hurricane Sandy Causing Gas Shortages Around the Tri-State

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Storm Damage

  • Photo Gallery: Storm Damage in Our Area
  • Colavita: "Report Your Storm Damage to FEMA"
  • Bronxville School Reports Minimal Damage Due to Sandy
  • Mayor Ecklond: Tuckahoe Weathering the Storm So Far
  • Sandy Creates a Ghost Town in Bronxville

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Josh Semendoff November 05, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Since gasoline is still one of the major issues related to Hurricane Sandy, be sure and leave a note on what stations in Eastchester, Bronxville or Yonkers are up and running with minimal wait times. White Plains Rd. was fairly crowded this morning in Eastchester around Mill Rd.


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