Campaign Notebook: Seniors Rally, Women 'Pandered' To

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


Seniors Rally

About 20 protesters, most of them senior citizens, demonstrated at Linda McMahon’s campaign headquarters in North Haven on Monday against what they say is the Republican U.S. Senate candidate's desire to "sunset" Social Security and Medicare.

The protesters said they were reacting to comments McMahon made at a Tea Party forum in Waterford where she proposed adding a "sunset provision" to the Social Security Act.

‘Pandering’ for Female Votes

Chris Murphy has worked to paint Linda McMahon as anti-women through campaign ads, but a writer at Slate feels “demeaned” by the attempts.

Throw Murphy’s [television] spot in with the rest of the season’s lady-focused ads and the picture you get of American womanhood is one of earnest cowering worry, often while toting a baby, occasionally while muttering said worries to said baby. Our emotional repertoire would seem to consist entirely of different shades of fear.

Fifth District

Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback are both attending a candidates’ forum at the Lake Waramaug Country Club in New Preston on the evening of Wednesday, Oct 3. More details can be found at the News Times website

Julie Weisberg contributed to this report.

PJ October 04, 2012 at 03:09 AM
I see The Patch is getting as bad as The News Times in showing their toal bias toward Republicans! Mark, if you want to comment about Linda McMahon and try your very, very best to paint her as a dishonest person, PLEASE be as honest with Chrs Murphy. Why did he get such a sweetheart deal on a mortgage Mark? Why did he simply skip out on all those important committee meetings????? Come on Mark, stop showing us how biased and prejudiced you are and how you want to use the Patch to promote your own personal agenda. For once, give BOTH sides of the political arena...just once!
RJohnston October 04, 2012 at 10:19 AM
Would someone please tell me why Linda McMahon Queen of Porn and without political experience should represent Ct in Washington.? I have morals Linda does not.
PJ October 04, 2012 at 12:23 PM
You obviously are a disgusting, filthy person to make a comment such as this..."Queen of Porn"? How dare you make a statement such as that! So, we should instead send an experienced liar to DC, as usual for CT.....keep doing the same thing and expecting different results...that is the definition on insanity...and obviously you are very close to that!


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