Gov. Cuomo Signs Paulin's Shingles Vaccine Bill

The bill expands access to the shingles vaccine.

Folks will be able to get a shingles vaccine at their local pharmacy thanks to a new law.

sponsored the bill that Governor Cuomo signed into law. Under the new law, pharmacists can give the shingles vaccine to those with a prescription from a doctor. Patients will just need to dole out their regular co-pay.

“This law makes it much easier for people to access the shingles vaccine," Assemblywoman Amy Paulin said in a statement. "It removes the barriers that have prevented people from getting vaccinated, such as the out-of-pocket costs and unavailability of the vaccine in their doctors’ offices. By increasing access to this vaccine, fewer New Yorkers will have to suffer with the pain of shingles.” 

Shingles, a viral disease, causes painful skin rash and blistering, especially in the elderly. The CDC recommends the vaccine for those ages 60 and over. The passage of the law makes the vaccine more accessible.    

AARP, The City of New York, the Greater New York Hospital Association, Pharmacists Society of the State of New York, The Hispanic Federation, Chain Pharmacy Association of New York State, Women in Progress, Inc., and the U.S. Pain Foundation support the new law, according to a media release.

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