Greenburgh Weathered Storm With Few Issues

This weekend's snow storm caused relatively few problems for the town as compared to Hurricane Sandy.

Greenburgh was lucky this past weekend. The snow storm did not cause road closures, power outages or downed trees. However, Hurricane Sandy and the storms we had in recent years highlight the fact that our region will experience bad weather in the future. We must be prepared for emergencies.

I recently met with the Police Chief to discuss some new initiatives the town will be taking to improve the way the town handles power outages. We will be rolling out a new emergency alert system in the spring that will enable us to improve communications with the public. We anticipate that the police chief will present the Town Board with a presentation at the end of March or beginning of April, after it is implemented. The capital budget will include funding for additional emergency generators for the town and other equipment that will enable the town to address emergencies in the future.

I have also met with Con Ed officials. They discussed new initiatives that they will be taking to improve communications with local officials the next time there is an outage.

Be careful today–Roads could be icy. Watch out for black ice.

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