Incumbents Re-Elected in Scarsdale Election

The village elected three trustees and one justice.

Familiar faces are returning to their elected positions in the Village of Scarsdale.

Three incumbents were re-elected in by a total of 468 voters.

John H. Galloway III was elected to the position of Scarsdale Village Justice with a toal of 421 votes. The incumbent will serve another four years as justice.

For the Village Board of Trustees, four candidates ran for three open spots.

Katherine Eisenman, Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party, was elected with 351 votes; David S. Lee, Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party, was elected with 384 votes; and Jonathan I. Mark, Scarsdale Citizens' Non-Partisan Party, was elected with 390 votes. Eisenman and Mark were both incumbents.

Harry Reynolds, Scarsdale Outs Secrecy in Elections Party, received 140 votes.

There were six write-ins for Board of Trustees and one write-in for justice.

Village Clerk Donna M. Conkling said of the 11,500 registered Scarsdale voters, the 468 that turned out were a decent crowd for the village.

"Usually, we have uncontested elections," Conkling said.

Conkling and election officials closed the polls at the Scarsdale Public Library at precisely 9:00 p.m. and tallied up the results.

She said there was a steady stream of voters that trickled in throughout the day and night.

As the results were read shortly after 9:00 p.m., Candidate Harry Reynolds watched as the votes were counted. 

Reynolds, a lawyer who has lived in Scarsdale for 40 years, said he ran to speak out against the secrecy of the village elections process.

"I looked at the system and was shocked at what I found," he said of the nominating committee for candidates.

No other candidates came to the library to hear the election results announced.


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