GOP's, Dems' Comments on Final Presidential Debate

Scarsdale residents, locals react to last night's debate.

Although many folks decided to tune out, several still tuned in to the final, Presidential Debate between Former MA Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama last night.

The Florida debate created another stir on social media and here in Westchester. Many Patch readers and locals reacted to the Romney vs. Obama matchup.

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Patch User Mark said that "Romney comes off as VERY presidential with the ability to tackle the world issues that Obama simply seems to be in over his head with. Iran WILL be an issue and you just can't have an American apologist cementing this coalition, And of course there is no question as to who a friend of Israel is..."

And fellow Patch user smarkey agreed. The user said "Obama was condescending. Behavior not worthy of a sitting President. Obama looked like the challenger. Romney looked like the President - measured, thoughtful, not getting in the gutter with his challenger!"

Mark Lewis, vice-chair of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, and a Scarsdale resident, said that Obama definitely won the final debate.

"Both have benefited from debate, probably Romney more than Obama overall, but I think Obama has made up ground for losing the first debate," Lewis said in an interview.

In "just about everything, (Romney's) switched over to Obama's position in terms of foreign policy," Lewis said. "He keeps flipping."

Lewis said Romney needs to figure out what his foreign policy is. "I certainly hope it’s not the Bush policy, which brought us into a war with Iraq."

The Dem said he's skeptical of who Romney has as his foreign policy advisors. They are all "Bush people, and we'd get all the Bush people back and could we end up in a war with Syria and Iran? I just don't know."

Folks will have their final chance to voice their opinions on Election Day, which falls on November 6, this year. Be sure to get out and vote!

Weigh in. Did the debate sway your vote? Share in the comments section.


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