Planning Board Approves Heathcote Manor Wall Improvement

The controversial retaining wall, nicknamed “The Berlin Wall” for its unsightly starkness, at 14 Weaver Street, might not be so bleak anymore.

The controversial retaining wall, nicknamed "The Berlin Wall" for its unsightly starkness, at 14 Weaver St, might not be so bleak anymore.

On Wednesday night, the Planning Board approved a plan to add a stone veneer to the current retaining wall, as well as to construct a smaller boulder wall toward the rear end of the property for aesthetic purposes. 

Using Connecticut Fieldstone, the site developers hope to make the wall look less artificial and more like part of the scenery.

"Connecticut Fieldstone is indigenous to the area," said Ron Paisner, construction manager for Heathcote Manor.  "It's the most common stone you would find throughout Scarsdale and other towns in Westchester, so it'll feel very natural."

The Planning Board also tackled two other applications, both of which were delayed for further review.

One project was Heathcote Corners, the proposed plan to replace the Citgo station on the corner of Heathcote and Palmer with a two-story retail building.  Architect Frank Fisher was joined by Doug Brout and Brad Perkins, owners of Heathcote Corners, LLC, to discuss their application.

"It's almost identical to the original plan from 2008," explained Fisher, pointing out some minor technical differences that have been changed over the past two years. 

The two-story building was originally proposed at 12,000 feet, but is now 11,000.  The majority of curb cuts around the building would be eliminated, in favor of one entrance on Palmer Ave, where cars can pull into a two-story underground parking garage with up to 42 spots and a limited size maximum. 

A cutout on Heathcote will allow for bigger trucks to load and unload shipments quickly and smoothly.

The Heathcote Corners project will be held for further review as the Board waits to receive further technical specifications as well as details on the building's proposed signage. 

The final applicant was Citibabes, a family club that offers education, sports, and other kid-friendly activities.  Marketing Director Brian Dougherty spoke on their behalf, explaining that their Scarsdale outlet – currently located on the third floor of 7 Popham Road – has no outdoor signage or indication that it's there. 

Dougherty proposed that Citibabes install awnings labeled with their brand name in order to increase visibility in the area.

The case was referred to the Board of Architectural Review for their approval.


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