Rep. Engel Votes For Sandy Aid

NY Congressman Eliot Engel shared his anger with the GOP for waiting to vote for Hurricane Sandy relief for the victims.

After 78 days, Congress finally passed a full aid package to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY,) who represents Scarsdale, voted yes on the package that will give over $50 billion in emergency funds to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"The bill now goes to the Senate, who have promised swift action," Engel said in a statement.

“The fact that so many Republican members have voted against this aid package, or worked to delay its passage these many weeks, is embarrassing and is a blot on the House of Representatives," Engel said. "To use this funding as a political pawn in a game over the role of government and budgetary debates is shameful."

The devastation in the Northeast included not only demolished homes and businesses, but also the death of loved ones, he noted.

He said the burden on the victims is too much to handle without federal aid.

"The first order of business for the federal government is to protect our citizens, and helping them recover from the tragedy of a natural disaster is one of those times," he stated. "New York has long been a state which sends to Washington more dollars than it receives. We have consistently helped other parts of the country. Now’s the time to return the favor."

Engel also said funds need to be dedicated to mass flood prevention or "it is almost guaranteed we may be back here in the months and years to come."

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