Scarsdale Honors Veterans

The following is a copy of Mayor Flisser's remarks on Veterans Day 2012.

Remarks by Mayor Flisser at Scarsdale Veteran's Day Event November 12:

We are here today on a holiday that honors those whose sacrifice took place in foreign lands. Their service may seem distant or in the past. But their achievement is what guarantees America's freedoms, and makes us a beacon for those seeking to escape tyranny in a wide world. Please know that there are naturalized Americans like me, who are still grateful for personal rescue from the abyss in Europe, and we speak out again today and express our gratitude. And we must act, too, in gratitude for living in the Land of the Free.

On behalf of the people of Scarsdale, who so graciously weathered travails and the failure of a State granted monopoly last week, but who continued to help each other, and who supported me and the Village Board, and the Village staff working to help them 'round the clock, we thank our Veterans.

We thank the Veterans who also, by their sacrifice, guaranteed some others the opportunity to send disparaging messages to volunteers, to remain ignorant about the actual workings of government, and to attack those who personally and diligently endeavor to help, in a free media that is permitted to provide a forum for anonymous attacks on competent and dedicated citizens who step up to serve, as you served; even as our community suffered the loss of trees, the loss of power, but not the loss of life.

As the President stated last Veteran's Day..."To our veterans, to the fallen and to their families–there is no tribute, no commemoration, no praise that can truly match the magnitude of your service and your sacrifice."

And I add, from the people of Scarsdale: For us.


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