Scarsdale Mayor Addresses Crane Road Bridge Project, Building Department, Health Study

Mayor Miriam Levitt Flisser spoke to the Board of Trustees on Tuesday night.

Scarsdale Mayor Miriam Levitt Flisser addressed the Village Board of Trustees on Tuesday. Below is a copy of her full remarks:

On Saturday, June 9, the conducted an informational bus tour of Village locations in Scarsdale that are currently or expected to be on the Board's business agenda for this year. We visited the Popham Road Firehouse Number 1, The Popham Bridge Construction site, Reeves Newsome Pump Station, the watercourse of the Sheldrake River, The Central Garage, and the Recycling center on Secor Road. At each site, Village personnel gave presentations concerning situations, needs and progress, and VB members made inquiries and suggestions. This annual informal tour, which is posted as a public meeting, is designed to bring the VB up-to-date on areas of continuing interest and significant impact on the community.

Residents have expressed concerns about the Crane Road Bridge project and its impact on Scarsdale. Many suggestions for amelioration of the impact of construction have been received. In regards to the 34 month duration of the project, which began Monday, the process is unique and complex. According to the County, current innovative methods, including pre-stressed box beam girders and incentive payments, have been included in the process that involves the portion of the bridge which extends the BRP over the MTA Metro North Line.  Prefabricated elements were also considered for the  remainder of the Historic structure, but were determined to be too large and heavy (columns 16 feet in diameter) and too difficult to position into the constrained site. The VB has invited County personnel to a meeting concerning this topic (amelioration of Crane Road Bridge construction impact), which has been scheduled for Wednesday July 11 at 6:55 PM at Village Hall.

A Municipal Services Meeting, continuing the VB's analysis of the Building Department procedures was held on June 6, concerning Notifications and Communications. Particular attention was noted about areas of Building Inspector's discretion in deciding whether modifications to approved plans require Land Use Board review, a topic raised by residents in March. Also, we note that all questions submitted by residents to the Committee at the previous meeting concerning Land Use Board process, will be answered in the course of the meetings. Many were addressed at the previous meeting, but the remainder will be covered as well. Our next meeting in this series, on the topics of Enforcement and Recourse, will be held in July.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), the most comprehensive survey of the health and nutritional status of the U.S. population, began in Westchester on Wednesday, May 23, when teams of interviewers began to ring doorbells in selected neighborhoods throughout the county.

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey monitors the health and nutritional status of the U.S. population and is an initiative of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data collected helps assess the fitness level of children and adolescents, is a resource for developing effective health policies and programs.

It is a legitimate scientific survey undertaken by the CDC and residents who are selected are encouraged to participate. The information residents provide will be used to help develop public health policy.

Residents invited to participate in the NHANES program represent the U.S. population of all races, ethnicities and ages. Residents first will be contacted by mail and asked to participate in a health interview conducted at home. Interviewers have an identification badge, which identifies them as health representatives working on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Residents who qualify to participate will be asked to schedule a follow-up interview. Later, they will have a scheduled health examination in the NHANES mobile clinic. Participants will be compensated for their time and travel expenses. NHANES expects to complete its work in Westchester by Aug 4.

Each year, residents in 15 counties across the nation have the chance to participate in the latest National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, which is part of the CDC in Atlanta. The effort has been underway for more than 50 years.

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