Scarsdale Mayor Addresses Westchester County Flooding Initiatives

The county will designate $8 million for 7 capital projects to address chronic flooding along the Bronx River and Sound Shore.

On Thursday, Feb. 9, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino announced that the County will designate $8 million for 7 capital projects to address chronic flooding along the Bronx River and Sound Shore.  Five of the projects are located on County property and will be administered by the County. One of the Bronx River projects and another along the Hutchinson River should help mitigate flooding in Scarsdale.

The Bronx River project is located within the Bronx River Reservation in Yonkers and Eastchester does not involve any Village funding. The work will entail the re-alignment of the River and bank stabilization at Garth Woods and Harney Rd.  

The other project involves work along the Hutchinson River and entails culvert improvements, bank stabilization and widening of the river bed in Scarsdale, New Rochelle and Eastchester. The County has identified $2.5 million in County funds for this project, representing 50% of the estimated $5 million total project cost. Scarsdale, New Rochelle, and Eastchester will be responsible for funding the $2.5 million balance.

Over the next 6-8 months the Village will work with the County, New Rochelle and Eastchester officials toward further defining the project scope, cost and legal and funding issues in anticipation of bidding the work and constructing the project.

Many Thanks to County Executive Rob Astorino for this announcement. Scarsdale is a leader in preserving and fighting for the Bronx River; our South Fox Meadow project will impact the watercourse in positive ways. We are happy to learn about the County allocation of funds for this valuable natural community asset. 

In addition, the Hutchinson River grant has the potential to correct serious water and sewer issues for our residents, as well as residents in neighboring communities. Although we will be required to pay half of the costs, we will commit to finding the necessary funding, and we already have FEMA grant applications in place.  

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