Scarsdale Village Holds Leaf Mulching Workshop

On July 18, Scarsdale will be conducting a leaf mulching and composting training and demonstration.

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It has been the standard practice for many years in the and other Westchester County communities to have fall leaves blown into piles placed at the curb line and collected by public works crews.

Often due to wind, rain or improper placement leaf piles end up in the street narrowing vehicular travel lanes resulting in traffic safety concerns. Further, this practice also often leads to clogged storm drains and excess nutrient runoff (phosphorus & nitrogen) polluting our waterways.

A recent alternative development amongst Westchester County municipalities is the practice and encouragement of on-site leaf mulching which involves shredding leaves where they are and utilizing the shredded leaves as mulching and/or compost.

You may already be familiar with the Village of Scarsdale’s efforts to encourage all Village property owners and residents to mulch and/or compost leaves on their property. As part of this effort, the Village will be conducting a leaf mulching and composting training and demonstration for local landscapers working within the Village to implement leaf mulching techniques on. The event is being held Wednesday, July 18 at 4:00 p.m. at the third floor meeting room.

Encourage your landscaper to attend and learn more about on-site leaf mulching and composting and how it could potential save you and your landscaper time and money while also providing having a healthier lawn and landscape with a natural fertilizer.

anonymous July 17, 2012 at 03:39 PM
While leaf mulching is a great idea in principle: allowing residents to take advantage of the nutrients in decaying leaves, while reducing (not eliminating) municipal expenditure on their cleanup, it has its limitations; particular in this Village in a Forest we call Scarsdale. Many of our land spaces are just too populated with trees: a good thing for all the benefits they provide from shade, to their absorption of CO2 while alive, to soil erosion prevention, to think that residential mulching and reuse of leaves can eliminate, rather than reduce the need for their municipal cleanup. Mulched leaves piled too high destroys our grass, which also binds CO2 and provides cooling. Clearly, ecological tradeoffs need to be made here...


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