Scarsdale Village Issues Third Sandy Update

Hurricane Sandy caused 150 locations throughout the village feeling effects of downed trees; 70 percent which involved downed wires. Over 4,000 folks in the village remain without power.

The following is an emergency alert from the Village of Scarsdale:

Good afternoon, this is Stephen Pappalardo, Village of Scarsdale Deputy Village Manager, communicating to you via the Village’s Emergency Notification System regarding Hurricane Sandy.

The most damaging effects of the storm occurred yesterday in the village starting at 5:00 p.m. and continuing overnight as sustained winds were 40-50 mph gusting at 75-80 mph swept through Scarsdale. Village Police, Fire, Building & Engineering personnel are still assessing and documenting the damage caused by the storm.   

Roughly 150 locations were 70% of which involved downed power lines. These numbers will increase as field assessments continue. Numerous roads are closed to traffic and all major north / south and east / west traffic corridors are effectively closed & impassable. Village Public Works crews have been working to clear trees on main roads where power lines are not present in order to provide safe travel routes for emergency personnel.  Tree removals where electric lines are present cannot occur until Con-Ed crews have de-energized the power to the lines. 

Residents are reminded that the Village-wide State of Emergency is still in effect, limiting all vehicular and pedestrian travel to emergency vehicles and personnel.  For your own personal safety please stay in your homes and off the streets and sidewalks as there are live electric power lines laying across roadways throughout the Village.  This increased traffic also hinders the ability of public works crews to efficiently perform their cleaning work.

Con Edison is reporting that electric power loss as a result of Hurricane Sandy is the largest in their history; roughly 4,100 Village of Scarsdale customers are currently without power as a result of the storm.  It is too early for Con-Ed to provide a restoration timetable, however based on the regional impact and severity of the outages, restoration is expected to take longer than usual.

Residents can continue to call the Emergency Operations Center at 914-722-1150 or the Police Department business line at 722-1200 to report non-emergency storm related issues. Based on storm damage incurred last night, these lines are limited so if you receive a busy signal, please call again.  Continue to dial 911 to report all emergencies.

In addition, sanitation collection services were suspended today and will remain so until Village roadways are sufficiently cleaned for sanitation crews to traverse their collection routes.  We will provide further information in this regard as the clean-up work progresses.


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