State of the Union: Scarsdale, Greenburgh Respond

Democrats and Republicans share their analysis of Obama's State of the Union address.

President Barack Obama spoke to the nation and the world Tuesday night, giving the State of the Union address live at 9:00 p.m. As activists, political figures and residents watched the speech, locals here in Scarsdale and Greenburgh shared their reactions to Obama's address and the GOP response.

To read the full transcript of Obama's SOTU address click here.

Scarsdale resident Mark Lewis, Vice Chairman of the Westchester County Democratic Committee and past Chair of the Scarsdale Democratic Town Committee, offered his support for Obama and shared his reaction to the SOTU.

"President Obama offered cooperation between himself and the Republican party in solving the sequestration of the budget in two weeks," Lewis said. "He offered to negotiate cuts in spending in exchange for closing tax loopholes. He requested Congress to take up gun control to deal with semi automatic weapons and insisting that loopholes be closed on people selling guns at gun shows and privately to make sure that the buyers are not criminals or mentally unbalanced."

Lewis said he was not impressed with the GOP response to Obama's address.

"The Republican Party took the same old stand of no new taxes but insisted on cutting vital programs to balance the budget. They took the same old stand that people can own any gun they choose under the second amendment. There was no hand held out to the President to work with him to solve any of the problems that are listed above."

Greenburgh Republican Town Committee Chairman Tim Hays said he wishes the President the best over the next four years, as his success can only help the entire nation.

"I'm hoping the president will learn to deal more effectively with the House of Representatives and the Senate in fixing our national economy,” said Hays. “The Oval Office affords him great luxury and leeway in convincing members of congress to cooperate with him in accomplishing an economic plan that rewards productivity and benefits all of our citizens."

Hays said the primary concern of Republicans is the need to balance the budget. 

“That return toward solvency is long overdue,” said Hays. “This is not the time for Keynesian nonchalance. Our national currency, the health of American business, and the well-being of our great middle-class all depend on Mr. Obama's fixing the persistent budget crisis.”

Hays said he hopes Obama approaches the rest of his presidency with the unselfish wisdom to keep the best interests of the nation at the forefront.

What did you think of Obama's State of the Union address? Share your reactions here.

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