Votes Counted: Toder Returns; Eisenman, Mark Join Up

Despite the roving power outages and the need to rely on a generator at Village Hall, voters came out for today's election and the votes were counted.

[Editor's note: The following announcement arrived tonight by way of e-mail from Bruce Wells at 9:27 p.m. The polls closed tonight at 9 p.m.]

Despite one of the most damaging storms to hit Scarsdale in 50 years, the Village of Scarsdale was able to hold elections on the first day of clear skies and no rain in 4 days. 

The Scarsdale Village Hall had no power, and was running on temporary generators, but that did not stop Village Clerk Donna Conklin from holding the election as scheduled. 

The voting machine was an older mechanical model. The only electricity it needed was the light at the top so the voter could see the voting levers.

One-hundred seventy-five voters turned out, in spite of the fact that 70% or more of Scarsdale residents were still without power.

Nine voted by absentee ballot, for a total of 184 voters.

The following votes were cast:

Kay Eisenman 158 votes,
Jonathan Mark 156 votes,
Richard Toder 158 votes,
Bob Harrison 13 votes,
Douglas Ulene 1 vote.

The three candidates of the Scarsdale Citizen's Non-Partisan Party were running unopposed, as has been the tradition in Scarsdale's non-partisan system of Village government for the last 97 years.

Unfortunately, the reception of the Scarsdale Citizen's Non-Partisan Party, which was to be held at the Scarsdale Woman's Club, had to be canceled because the club did not have electrical power, and it was unknown when power would be restored. 

According to Bruce Wells, the chair of the Scarsdale Citizens Campaign Committee, the biggest disappointment of the evening was not being able to partake in the traditional victory cake. 

Mr. Wells received many regrets that the cake – which was to be provided by former Scarsdale resident Seth Greenberg, of Just Desserts and the East End Cookie Company – would not be available.  The reception has been postponed to next year, where Mr. Wells promises people can have two slices of cake.

Bruce Wells
Scarsdale Citizens Campaign Committee


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