Edgemont High School Graduation: Summer Heat And Celebration

Edgemont witnesses the graduation of its 2012 class.

It was still sweltering hot as the senior class took their seats for the Edgemont Graduation at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. So hot, in fact, that the school provided an air conditioned room next to the open green space where the ceremony was held and EMS on site just in case anything should happen. 

After the students had walked in underneath an overhang and everyone had taken their seats, the round of speeches began with one of the student speakers, Isaac Marshall, who spoke about his time at Edgemont. “It is really the little things that stay with us at the end of the day…” he said. “The class of 2012 really pulled through.”

The principal, Devan Ganeshananthan, spoke about what it means to be an American and the diversity and creativity of his students, telling them to “Be and remain creative… be creative, be Edgemont.” 

The next speaker, member of the Board of Education, Gerald Stoughton stressed the importance of two words to the students, balance and confidence, telling them to, “Find your balance and be confident for what lies ahead.”

The most unexpected speech of the day was made by the faculty speaker, Jonathan Hansonbrook, a Latin teacher at Edgemont High School who began his speech with the phrase, “Today, my thoughts turn to zombies.” He compared the students’ upcoming journey into the ‘real world’ as something out of a science fiction novel, stating that Edgemont’s goal was to teach them to survive in a world who wants to eat you up, and the skills that they have learned will help them to thrive even if the zombie apocalypse doesn’t happen. 

The theme of the future, though in a slightly more subdued manner was continued by the student speaker, A.J. Stoughton, who told his class to not be scared to take risks, suggesting they “go into the future with the courage to do things as they should be done.” 

“To Edgemont, it’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again.” finished the second student speaker, Ameya Acharya, which was an touching end to the speeches before the diplomas were presented, and the band played one more song before everyone began to file out.


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