Mayor: 56% of Village Still Without Power on Sunday

The following updates on outages and polling stations was provided by Scarsdale Mayor Miriam Levitt-Flisser.

Good morning, this is Mayor Miriam Levitt-Flisser providing an update on the Village’s Hurricane Sandy recovery effort. 

Village officials just concluded a daily conference call with the Westchester County Office of Emergency Management and Con Edison. During the call Village officials continued to our persistent requests for additional Con Edison crews to cut power lines, so Village crews can clear roadways.

Village officials have been in direct contact with Con Ed officials to reinforce the severity of power outages in Scarsdale, and the necessity for additional crews to be dispatched to re-open the remaining 29 closed roadways and restore power to residential neighborhoods. 

Although, the Village has tirelessly requested additional Con Ed crews, there are only 5 Con Edison crews in town consisting of a single line to cut power lines, one crew to clear trees, and three line restoration crews to restore electrical power. The single line crew will be working with Village crews to open the 6 dead end streets still blocked by electrical power lines and downed trees. Electrical power is being restored.

Currently, roughly 56% or 3,401 of 6,025 customers in the Village are without power. This is down from 4,509 that were without power as of yesterday. Con Ed continues to report the date of November 11th for full County-wide power restoration; however we are working hard to improve that outlook. 

For those residents without power and heat, the American Red Cross has established a regional emergency shelter for our area at the Albert Leonard Middle School, 25 Gerard Lane in New Rochelle. The shelter is equipped with cots for sleeping. The Red Cross can be contacted at 914 682-2299. 

In addition, the Scarsdale Public Library on Olmstead Road is available as a comfort center with power, heat, free coffee and other amenities, including movies in the Scott Room. Residents may also charge their cell phones and other electronic devices. The Village has extended the Library hours from 9AM-9PM Monday – Friday and 11AM-9PM on Sunday.

For those interested in watching the New York Giants game today, SVAC is hosting residents at their headquarters at 5 Weaver Street from 4-8PM. 

Con Ed is working toward having all polling places in the Village restored with electrical power by Monday, November 5th at 5PM. The Village has established eight polling places for this election, three of which are still without power. These locations are Village Hall and the Edgewood and Fox Meadow Schools. The other polling locations, Crossway Firehouse, Heathcote, Quaker Ridge and Greenacres Schools and the Library have electricity.  

If Con Ed is unable to restore power to all polling places by Monday, the County Board of Elections will attempt to notify all voters of the alternate locations, and County officials will be on-site at the pre-determined locations to redirect voters to the alternate sites.

We will provide updated information in this regard as we receive from the County and Con Ed. Two schools remain without power. Scarsdale Schools are reporting that a decision as to whether schools will be open will be made this afternoon.

Richard November 05, 2012 at 12:21 AM
Actually - using ConEd's own data, usefully provided on this site (http://bit.ly/U2fBZn), as of 6pm on Sunday Nov 4 Scarsdale is lagging nearly all areas in Westchester in terms of recovery of customers' electricity. In Lower Westchester Scarsdale now has the highest proportion of customers without power, at 60%, 3662 households. Even though there are now five crews in the area, the net number of households without power has actually risen over the course of today. These are the facts from ConEd. Will we still have five crews tomorrow?
Bob Genis November 05, 2012 at 01:21 AM
I have not seen a single con Ed crew in Quaker ridge. So if Scarsdale lags behind westchester, Quaker ridge does not count at all!
Ed Rooney November 05, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Crews were cutting in Edgewood. I showed the dangerous widow makers on the village trees at Jefferson & Richelieu to the ConEd supervisor and he refused to address it. The tree crew was on the adjacent corner. Watch out below. These will take out lives and power wires!
Don D November 05, 2012 at 05:10 AM
Correct Richard. In fact, ALL of our direct neighbors are under 40% and a number are under 20%. Not only that but the ENTIRETY of Manhattan is now at only 3,800! I don't know where ConEd has sent its resources but it clearly hasn't been to Scarsdale.
DM November 05, 2012 at 05:32 AM
I have been obsessively checking the numbers. While they have been inching downward, according to ConEd we are still at 3500+. I knew we would get shortchanged relative to manhattan but come on. I also know that Coned focuses on densely populated areas but we are not rural. We just as dense as Bronxville, which got power back on Friday and new ro, which many got back bynSaturday. Our proportion is the worst.
Lew November 05, 2012 at 12:45 PM
Stop complaining! U could all afford to take a room somewhere on Central Ave! NYC should be the number one priority, there are more people on 5 square blocks than all of Scarsdale!
Lew November 05, 2012 at 01:26 PM
And BTW, keep watching those numbers DM. Sounds exciting!!!


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