PHOTO GALLERY: Nursery School Students In Scarsdale Celebrate Passover With Seder Celebration

The youngsters had a special holiday feast on Thursday at the Jewish Community Center in Scarsdale.

About 150 students and 25 staff members gathered in Scarsdale at the of Mid-Westchester (JCC) late Thursday morning for a special Passover celebration.

The little ones, ages two to five, learned all about the , sang songs, watched a skit and enjoyed a special Seder meal feast with their parents and teachers.

Nursery School Director Julie Dorfman said the event is held for the kids each year.

Four-year-old classroom teacher Rose Blank said the children each helped to prepare the food, which included matzo ball soup, eggs and Haroseth, which is made with apples, honey, rasins and grape juice.

Have a Happy Passover, Scardale!


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