Prom Safety Tips for Parents

Are you worried about your teen's safety tonight? AAA offer some tips.

Tonight is and Sleepy Hollow High seniors, and several other towns around Westchester. For seniors, prom can mean serious excitement (and big-budget dress-shopping) while for parents it may cause a bit of dread.

“Having been through this as a parent, first I empathize with the parents of prom-aged children everywhere,” said Sleepy Hollow District Superintendent Dr. Howard Smith.

Sleep Hollow High, like Scarsdale High, transports students via bus to prom. This year, Sleep Hollow's prom is across the river at the Old Tappan Manor in Old Tappan, New Jersey. Scarsdale High's prom is being held tonight at Glenn Island Harbor Club at 7:00 p.m.

But at midnight, the official part of the night ends, and the students are on their own for post-parties.

Besides just crossing fingers, there are some things parents can do to keep their kids safe.

Smith encouraged parents to take a very active stance. “Press them for more details and don't necessarily believe what they tell you," he said.

AAA Auto Club publishes the following tips for parents to help teens get home safely during prom season.

  • Don’t assume all parents share your values and will monitor your teen’s actions as you would expect. Exchange phone numbers and talk with other parents and your teen’s friends to ensure ample communication.
  • Talk with your teen about a safe ride home, prom rules, and the consequences for breaking the rules before they attend any prom festivities.
  • Take an inventory of alcohol and prescription drugs in your home and secure them if hosting a prom party.
  • If renting a limo, check their policy on allowing alcohol in the vehicle and talk with the limo driver about your expectations for the evening.
  • Set a reasonable curfew for the evening and let your teen know you will wait up for them to return home.

Does prom time make you worry? What tips do you have for other parents? Weigh in the comments below.

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